Great to meet you. Here are a few ways you can get in touch with me:

Want to say hello?

If you want to ask a question, share feedback or ideas on the site, or just say thank you, send me an email at

Want to pitch me?

If you want to pitch me on your company or fund, please send me an email at When you reach out please share a) pitch deck AND memo, b) describe what you see that others don't and your core competitive advantage, and c) if possible share a Calendly link or anything similar so I can book time directly.

How you can republish my writing.

  • Republishing quotes or passages from my articles. You are permitted to quote passages from my articles of less than 250 words. These quotes can be included on your website, in articles/newsletters/publications, and in books as long as (1) you cite “Daniel Scrivner” as the author of the quote and (2) you link back to the original article on

A list of things I don't do.

  • Guest posts. Please don't submit guest post requests. I have never run a guest post on
  • Sponsored content. I don't accept sponsored posts or create sponsored content for this website. If you're interested in reaching my audience, consider buying ads or sponsoring Outlier Academy.
  • Backlinks and newsletter promotion. I do not “trade backlinks” or do reciprocal newsletter or social media promotion.