Infinite Games – Chris Zarou of Visionary Music Group on Finding Multi-Platinum Rapper Logic, Spotting Talent, and Investing at the Intersection of Culture and Music

Chris Zarou is Founder and CEO of Visionary Music Group. In this episode, Chris and Daniel discuss serendipity, bootstrapping, and the similarities between music and investing.
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January 21, 2022
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Chris Zarou was nineteen when he started his career in music talent management.
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“Being an entrepreneur is like getting punched in the face every day. Because you're constantly juggling, putting out fires. You never know what's going to happen. And when you're the number one guy, there's no one to point blame at. It's all on you.” Chris Zarou

Chris Zarou (@ChrisZarou) is Founder and CEO of Visionary Music Group, which helped shape the careers of artists like Logic, Jon Bellion, and Jeremy Zucker. Chris is also an angel investor, and he’s currently starting a fund which will be announced in the coming months.

To listen to Chris Zarou’s quick interview on habits, routines, and inspirations, click here.

For more, explore the transcript of this episode.


  • Chris’ background and starting his own artist management company
  • Serendipity and working with Logic
  • The role of an artist manager
  • Bootstrapping and being a blue collar entrepreneur
  • The similarities between music and investing
  • The 2017 VMAs and aftermath
  • Authenticity for performers
  • Investing and perfect timing
  • Lessons learned as an entrepreneur and investor


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