Infinite Games – Curating Peak Experiences of Belonging with Robbie Bent of Othership

Robbie Bent is CEO and Co-Founder of Othership, a platform for breathwork, connection, and mental wellness. In this episode, Robbie and Daniel discuss creating and scaling a physical business, advice for high achievers, and the pitfalls of comparison.
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February 11, 2022
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Robbie Bent started his career in investment banking before co-founding multiple companies.
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“Love your customer and the problem you're solving. Not everyone's going to work on their passion, but you need to be excited about the problem you're solving day in and day out, or you just won't be able to stick with it.” – Robbie Bent

Robbie Bent (@robbiebent1) is CEO and Co-Founder of Othership, a platform for breathwork, connection, and mental wellness. He previously worked in ecosystem development for Ethereum and was CEO/Co-Founder of INVI Energy. The first company he co-founded was Roamly, a virtual SIM Card marketplace.

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To listen to Robbie's quick interview on habits, routines, and inspirations, click here.

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  • Robbie's background in investment banking and entrepreneurship
  • Advice for high achievers
  • Learnings from Robbie's first business, Roamly
  • The importance of loving your customer and the problem you're solving
  • Understanding the problem before building the solution
  • On meditation and dark retreats
  • The creation and scaling of Othership's physical space
  • The Othership app
  • Comparison is a killer
  • Finding meaning in life


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