Infinite Games – Building the Rental Management Platform of the Future with Dana Dunford of Hemlane

Dana Dunford is CEO and Cofounder of Hemlane, an online property management platform. In this episode, Dana and Daniel discuss property management technology, the co-founder dynamic, and advice for founders.
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August 5, 2022
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Before diving into the real estate industry, Dana worked in finance for Symantec and Apple.
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“For anyone out there starting a company, just start with one pain point and build something for that. And then start layering on everything else.” – Dana Dunford

Dana Dunford (@dana110001) is CEO and Cofounder of Hemlane, an online property management platform. She started her career in finance with Symantec and Apple before working in business development at Nest. Her work with Nest built up her interest in the real estate industry, and she received an angel investment directly out of business school to start Hemlane.

To listen to Dana’s quick interview on habits, routines, and inspirations, click here.

For more, explore the transcript of this episode.


  • Dana's background and path to Hemlane
  • Problems in the property management industry
  • The current technology space in real estate and property management
  • Hemlane's customer journey
  • Serving customers and alleviating their pain points
  • The work that led to founding Hemlane
  • The co-founder dynamic
  • Advice for founders
  • The trap of comparing yourself to other companies


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