Infinite Games – Building the One Investing Platform to Rule Them All with David McDonough of Commonstock

David McDonough is Founder/CEO of Commonstock, a social platform that amplifies insights from top investors. In part one of this episode, David and Daniel discuss the future of social investing.
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January 21, 2022
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Before founding Commonstock, David McDonough spent six years in product strategy and ventures at Google.
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“The loudest voices in the room are seldom the best investors, the people sharing the best knowledge. Sometimes the people who are the quietest are sharing some of the most interesting insights.” – David McDonough

David McDonough (@DavidMcDoughnut) is Founder/CEO of Commonstock, a platform that securely connects to multiple brokerage accounts to give a social aspect to investments and empower everyday investors. He previously worked at Google in product strategy and ventures, and was an Investment Analyst at Greenspring Associates

To listen to David’s bonus interview and learn more about his habits and routines, click here.

For more, explore the transcript of this episode.

Chapters in Part 1 of this interview:

  • David’s background leading to Commonstock
  • Commonstock’s mission and setup
  • How Commonstock is serving modern investors
  • The future of social investing 
  • Making investing accessible to all
  • The NFT movement
  • Lessons for new entrepreneurs

Links from Part 1

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