39 Bonus Lopa’s Secrets to Success – Habits, Influences, and Life Lessons with Lopa van der Mersch of Rasa – Outlier Academy

Lopa van der Mersch is Founder and CEO of Rasa, a brand of adaptogenic tonics often used as coffee replacements. In this bonus episode, Rasa and Daniel discuss Lopa’s Kalari practice, the CEO retreat, and secondary attention.
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September 18, 2021
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Along with yoga, Lopa practices Kalari, an ancient Indian martial art.
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“Living what you are uniquely here to do in integrity with that, because if you're doing that, you're not going to burn yourself out. If you're doing that, you're going to have the impact that you're meant to give in this world. If you're doing that you're taking care of yourself, etc.” – Lopa van der Mersch

Lopa van der Mersch is Founder and CEO of Rasa, a brand of adaptogenic tonics often used as coffee replacements. Her background in molecular biology and yoga studies led her to seek a healthier alternative to coffee. She founded Rasa in 2018, and the brand now boasts 20 employees, a lineup of eight adaptogenic products, and a $5 million run rate.

To hear Lopa’s full interview, including how she launched Rasa, click here.
For more, explore the transcript of this episode.

Chapters in this bonus interview:

  • Lopa’s daily habits and the integration of Kalari
  • The CEO retreat and increased awareness
  • On secondary attention
  • Lopa’s favorite failure and definition of success

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Key Takeaway

Lopa uses a combination of practices to help increase her awareness, curiosity, and strength. Among the practices she recommends are meditation, the “CEO Retreat” or “think week,” Kalari, and yoga.

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