O.A. Book Club – Perspectives on Data Analysis and Inflation with Luke Gromen of The Forest for the Trees

Luke Gromen is CEO and Founder of FFTT, a macroeconomic research firm. In this episode, Luke and Daniel discuss interpreting investment data, the current financial climate, and perspectives on inflation.
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August 17, 2022
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Luke Gromen’s experience as an analyst at investment research firms led him to strike out on his own and found The Forest for the Trees.
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“My sense of where we are is... we're basically in the first bursting global sovereign debt bubble in 100 years.” – Luke Gromen

Luke Gromen (@LukeGromen) is CEO and Founder of FFTT, LLC, a macroeconomic research firm. He publishes for institutional investors and corporate strategic planners in his weekly newsletter, Tree Rings. Prior to founding FFTT, Luke focused on investment research at Cleveland Research

To listen to Luke's quick interview on habits, routines, and inspirations, click here.

For more, explore the transcript of this episode.


  • Luke's experience as an analyst at investment research firms
  • Interpreting and presenting investment data
  • How Luke started The Forest for the Trees
  • Luke's take on the current financial climate
  • The importance of owning assets in today's climate
  • Perspectives on inflation
  • Investing in alternative assets
  • Gold and Bitcoin
  • Recommended books and resources


Books Recommended by Luke Gromen

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The Mr. X Interviews, Vol. 1 by Luke Gromen

Luke offers this free PDF on his website. Check it out for his perspective on the global currency system and what it means for your own investments.

Big Macro Picture with Luke Gromen, Lyn Alden and Travis Kling

This interview from Real Vision’s Crypto Gathering covers the current macroeconomic climate and its relationship with crypto.

Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World by Liaquat Ahamed

This book, about the central bankers that helped cause the economic meltdown of the Great Depression, comes highly recommended by Luke.

How do governments create money out of thin air? - TED Talk

This quick presentation from Jonathan Smith provides insight on quantitative easing.

CPI Inflation Calculator

For an interesting look into how inflation affects our daily lives, try out this tool.

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