Infinite Games – The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Collectibles with Rob Petrozzo of Rally

Rob Petrozzo is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Rally, a marketplace for buying and selling equity shares in collectible assets. In this episode, Rob and Daniel discuss ownership as the new status symbol, building a world-class marketplace, and the future of digital collectibles.
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January 21, 2022
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Before co-founding Rally, Rob Petrozzo was lead designer for Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label.
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“You have no choice now—being a Swiss army knife and being able to learn on the fly. It's such an underrated skill. Everybody is so much of a specialist now, but I'd like to be a generalist. It isn't always a bad thing when you can deliver.” – Rob Petrozzo

In this episode of Outliers, I’m talking with Rob Petrozzo (@robpetrozzo) about the past, present, and future of digital collectibles. We discuss the highs and lows of building a marketplace from the ground up, how ownership has become the new status symbol, and buying and selling in a world where time is currency.

Rob Petrozzo is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Rally, a marketplace for buying and selling equity shares in ultra-rare, collectible assets. Rob’s background in design led him to consult for Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music imprint under Sony BMG before he moved into the world of product design. He led design at ScrollMotion and KeyMe before creating Rally.

Chapters in this interview:

  • 00:00:08 – Rob’s background in design and the music industry
  • 00:08:32 – Digital collectibles, and ownership as a status symbol
  • 00:11:40 – Investing in history, whether past, present or future
  • 00:19:17 – The asset allocation model and investment priorities of the next generation
  • 00:27:31 – The insights, trends, and legislation that led to the creation of Rally
  • 00:33:44 – Changes in Rally in 2020
  • 00:36:11 – The process of bringing museum-quality assets to the Rally platform
  • 00:40:46 – Rally’s primary vs. secondary markets
  • 00:45:35 – Handling physical assets in Rally’s retail store and warehouse 
  • 00:51:07 – Learnings through building a marketplace, and defining PSA
  • 00:57:11 – The long-term approach to business building
  • 01:03:28 – Rob’s own collectibles and personal mentors

For more explore the transcript of this episode.

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Key Takeaway

Rally is a platform for buying and selling equity in high value assets with real historical or cultural significance—and ones that will be significant in the future. Today, everyone wants to be perceived as a futurist. NFTs and other digital collectibles present an opportunity to jump ahead and really see around that turn. The preferred status symbol these days is ownership. Rally brings together people, the things they care about, the moments that are most important to them, and allows them to purchase and own a portion of that.

We are now seeing that traditional equities, cryptocurrencies, and rare collectibles are blending together into a new type of modern diversified portfolio—one where the asset allocation is unexpectedly split to really reflect what the investor finds valuable and significant in their life.

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