Spotlight: Velocity Coaching – Helping Hyper-Growth Founders Scale with Edward Sullivan

Edward Sullivan is CEO and Managing Partner of Velocity Coaching, an executive coaching firm that helps founders scale their businesses. In this episode, Edward and Daniel discuss the journey of leadership coaching and how to lead with heart.
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March 16, 2022
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Edward Sullivan has coached and advised start-up founders, Fortune 500 executives, and political leaders for over 20 years.
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“The reason compassion is so important is that we are all human beings—we are all emotional, alive human beings who need psychological safety. We need to feel belonging, we need to feel trust, we need to feel trusted. We need to believe that people think we're competent.” – Edward Sullivan

Velocity Coaching works with hyper-growth companies, helping founders who have found product-market fit scale their businesses 10-100x. Their clients include DoorDash, MasterClass, Airtable, Google, and Apple, and they’ve worked with some of the biggest names in tech, including Tony Hseih of Zappos. Edward Sullivan has coached and advised start-up founders, Fortune 500 executives, and political leaders for over 20 years. At Velocity Coaching, Edward Sullivan serves as the CEO and Managing Partner for a team of over 25 coaches located around the world.

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Topics discussed with Edward Sullivan

  • 00:02:37 – Background on Velocity Coaching
  • 00:06:17 – Velocity’s philosophy when working with clients
  • 00:19:04 – The current state of executive coaching, and how leadership coaching differs from life coaching
  • 00:25:02 – The coaching journey
  • 00:27:43 – Focusing on compassion
  • 00:30:59 – Constructive vs. deconstructive conflict
  • 00:39:12 – Common themes in coaching
  • 00:45:29 – Work self and home self are one
  • 00:51:31 – Leading with heart

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