What am I doing now?

Every quarter, I update this page to reflect what I'm focused on and thinking about at the moment. Welcome to my now page.
Last updated October 12, 2020 in Boulder, Colorado

Turning around Flow. I took over as the CEO of Flow in early 2019 to help turn around the business and return it to growth.

Flow was founded in 2010 and saw enormous success in its first 5 years in business. But over the last 5 years it's really struggled as competition has intensified and players in the space have raised over $100M+ in venture capital.

When I took over at Flow, churn was spiking and revenue was contracting every single month. It wasn't a pretty picture. In addition, there were a lot of unresolved problems — large and small — throughout the business. The company needed to be rebuilt largely from the ground up.

So the team and I went to work and we've made remarkable progress. We shipped a brand-new version of Flow called Flow X in September 2020. We've addressed an enormous number of underlying problems. Most importantly, we're back to growth and profitability — growing month-over-month organically.

Currently, I'm focused on shifting Flow from a tool focused on teams to a full-spectrum productivity platform that anyone can use to make progress towards their goals, dreams, and ambitions.

Learning from the Top 1% of performers. In August 2020, I launched a new free weekly podcast called Outliers.

The idea was simple. I wanted to find and interview the top 1% of people — across industries and around the world. I wanted to decode what they had mastered, and uncover what they learned along the way.

It's been an incredible experience so far. For more, explore all of the guests and episodes we've released to date and listen to them for free. We're working hard to build one of the best podcasts in the world.

Reading. Reading. Reading. As always, I'm focused on learning and improving at the things I care about. Here are some of the books I've been enjoying lately:

In 2020, I've also made a few important changes to what and how I read:

  • First, I cut out almost all short-form content including news. That's allowed me to spend most of time reading longer form books, as well as writing and reflecting.
  • Second, I'm spending more time rereading some of my favorite books. By focusing less on quantity, and more on ingraining the right lessons and ideas that I need now, I've seen a dramatic improvement in all areas of my life.

My favorite books to read again and again at the moment are Principles, On the Shortness of Life, and The Champion's Mind.

This is my now page. It's an easy way to see what I'm currently focused on and thinking about. I strive to update this page quarterly.