Varda Space Industries: On Space Manufacturing, Microgravity, and Building Factories in Outer Space | Delian Asparouhov, Co-Founder

Delian Asparouhov is Co-Founder of Varda Space Industries and Principal at Founders Fund. In this episode, Delian and Daniel discuss optimism in investing and problem solving with space manufacturing.
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December 7, 2022
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Before starting his own companies, Delian Asparouhov interned at Square as an Android developer.
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“Trust is not what makes successful co-founding relationships. Having the world-class skillset that you need to succeed is what will then form that trust that will allow you to succeed.” – Delian Asparahouv 

Delian Asparouhov (@zebulgar) is Co-Founder, President, and Chairman of Varda Space Industriess, and he is also Principal at Founders Fund. He was previously Chief of Staff, then Principal at Khosla Ventures, where he created essays on the habits and processes of Keith Rabois. Before founding his first company, Nightingale, he was interned at Square as an Android developer.

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  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:02:43 – Delian’s background in robotics and path to entrepreneurship
  • 00:07:32 – Mentorship from Jack Dorsey and Keith Rabois
  • 00:21:43 – Leaning into your superpowers when investing
  • 00:25:01 – Cultivating optimism in investing
  • 00:29:29 – Common mistakes in venture capital
  • 00:33:48 – Incubating a company
  • 00:38:59 – Getting started in the space industry
  • 00:42:09 – What is a space factory?
  • 00:45:38 – Problem solving with space manufacturing
  • 00:51:35 – Exciting changes in the space industry
  • 00:55:43 – Recommended resources in the space industry


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