Infinite Games – Building the Fastest Email Client in the World as a Non-CEO Co-Founder with Vivek Sodera of Superhuman

Vivek Sodera is Co-Founder of Superhuman, which strives to be the fastest email client in the world. In part one of this episode, Vivek and Daniel discuss the role of the non-CEO co-founder, empathy in leadership, and learning from failure.
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January 21, 2022
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Before moving into investing and entrepreneurship, Vivek got his start in nuclear engineering.
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“I'm a big believer that a startup, at the end of the day, is a series of experiments to unlock some type of learning or user psychology.” – Vivek Sodera

Vivek Sodera (@vsodera) is Co-Founder of Superhuman, a platform striving to be the fastest email experience in the world. He is also an investor, with a portfolio of companies including Framework, UtilizeCore, Rewatch, Bunches, and Playbook. He previously co-founded Airseed and LiveRamp, though he started his career in nuclear engineering.

To listen to Vivek’s bonus interview and learn more about the his habits and routines, click here.

For more, explore the transcript of this episode.

Chapters in Part 1 of this interview:

  • Vivek’s background and road to entrepreneurship
  • On early failure and learnings as a CEO
  • Vivek’s connection with Rahul Vohra and Superhuman
  • The many roles of the non-CEO co-founder
  • The difficulty of the startup environment
  • Advice for entrepreneurs
  • Empathy and the CEO role
  • Building an amazing team
  • Failure is life’s greatest teacher

Links from Part 1

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